About Us

Welcome to the official site of the Liberian Organization of the Piedmont (LOP). We are a non-profit organization that supports community programs in Winston-Salem, NC, and Liberia, West Africa.

LOP is grateful to those with caring hearts. It is because of their generosity, we have been able to create programs that enable us to give back to our local community and by extension, to International communities.

History of LOP

The Liberian Organization of the Piedmont (LOP) was established April 25, 1988, with the mission of advancing education opportunities, human relations, and international understanding and brotherhood. LOP assists other community service groups, serves people in need locally and by extension, helps in the reconstruction, rehabilitation, and resettlement and relief to Liberians during and after 14 years of brutal civil war (December 1989 through August 2003). LOP believes in the philosophy that “it takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.” Our sole purpose and mission are deeply rooted in this philosophy; and we have been very blessed!
Over the years, we have created programs through which we are committed to giving back to our local and international communities. We awarded scholarships to local students and donated medicine, clothes, and non-perishable goods to various international refugee camps valued at over $35,000.00.
LOP has hosted the annual Miss Africa/African-American Educational Pageant, and look forward to hosting the Community Leaders and Legends Hall of Fame and promoting the Friends of Liberia-North Carolina Commission (FOLNC).
Over the years, LOP has evolved from its humble beginning to a globally and nationally recognized institution that is promoting education empowerment, national development through education of human capacity, and community engagement. The Liberian Organization of the Piedmont is the only Liberian community-base organization in the Diaspora that his stood up tall the champion the case of Liberia through advocacy, human capacity building, and international understand of the black experience in the United States. For our work, LOP will continue to be that vanguard of hope, unity and community understanding, capacity building in the motherland, and the quest for prosperity for the Liberians living in the Piedmont and beyond.


It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.


To promote education, advancing human relationships, and building international understanding.


We host annual events and other activities that provide the support necessary to help those in need.


We recognize and honor works and sacrifices of those individuals who serve as role models and positive examples of civic-minded members within their communities and globally.

Meet the Officers

Professor Clarke
Emmanuel Clarke