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Advancing education opportunities, human relations, and international understanding and brotherhood.


Welcome to the official site of the Liberian Organization of the Piedmont (LOP). We are a non-profit organization that supports community programs in Winston-Salem, NC and Liberia, West Africa.

LOP is grateful to those of caring hearts. It is because of their generosity, we have been able to create programs that enables us to give back to our local community and by extension, to International communities.

Join us on the 26th of October 2024 for the Next LOP International GALA. The International Liberation Gala is an annual event   that will be held to commemorate the emancipation of roughly 16,000 black Americans who immigrated from the United States of America with the support of the American Colonization Society (ACS) to Liberia during the 19th century.In Salem, North Carolina in 1836, a Moravian Physician, Dr. Fredrich Schumann facilitated the return of his 17-plus formerly enslaved who first settled in Millsburg and later moved to Edina City in Grand Bassa county, Liberia. Once in Liberia, these former enslaved people made Liberia their permanent homeland. These people thrived in so many ways. Three past presidents of Liberia, including Joseph J. Chesseman hailed from the historic city of Edina. Between 1825 and 1893, 2,030 North Carolina blacks left and took up residence in Liberia.
We hope that this Annual International Liberation Day Gala Celebration will reconnect the city of Winston-Salem with Liberia, especially where some formerly enslaved people left the United States and went to when racial tensions were high after the abolition of slavery in many of the Northern States within Union


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